All candles are handmade with 100 % soy.  They are 8 oz. and will burn approximately 45 -50 hours.

*Cookies for Santa is the smell of Christmas sugar cookies.

*Crème Brulee-Indulge your senses with this fragrance based off the classic rich, creamy dessert with the caramelized brown sugar topping featuring buttery notes, caramel, and custard.

*Sand and Sea is a tropical mix of coastal sea salt with undertones of cactus flower.

*Tropical Summer has blends of all your favorite summer fruits with top notes of fresh peaches and sugar with bottom notes of summer citrus.

*Florida Vacation will give you flashbacks of a beach side frozen beverage with heavy citrus tones, mango, and coconut.

*Home for the Holidays is a warm spicy blend with hints of cinnamon, and spice.

*Orange Evergreen has the smell of evergreen trees with a punch of holiday orange wafting through the air.

Soy Candles


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