16 oz Mason Jars with approx. 25-30 hours of burn timeSCENTS:Teakwood- Derived from the tropical tree, Teakwood is a deep, woodsy scent that has a little bit of spice. It is sometimes thought of a the GENTLEMAN'S candle.


Magnolia- Signature blend that captures the intoxicating fragrance of magnolia blossoms. Sweet and heavenly.


Pecan Coffee- Surprisingly, some of the many benefits of the Pecan Coffee scented soy candle go beyond the uniquly enticing aroma of a Pecan infused coffee blend, including pain relief, anti-aging benefits, nausea alleviation and increase in appetite, reduction in inflammation, and muscle relaxation. The throw of the essential oil aids in relaxation which may help with reduced stress, further leading to the benefits listed above.


Fresh Cotton- Sun-dried cotton combined with fresh green notes, white flowers and a hint of lemon. This is the ultimate scent to create a clean, fresh, invigorating environment.


Gardenia- Gardenia means joy and happiness in the language of flowers and that is exactly what this scent adds to your space. This traditional floral southern scent is perfect for brightening your day!


White Tea- White Tea elevates your senses with the fragrant mix of sweet white tea and subtle notes of cedar and vanilla. This scent is very clean and refreshing.


Sandalwood- This therapeutic grade scent has many benefits. Its sweet, soft scent induces relaxation and calmness, and promotes positive thinking, clarity and aids concentration. Although it naturally has a woodsy scent, Sandalwood is also described as creamy, as well as earthy, rich and exotic.▪️All products are sourced in the United States


▪️The wicks are cotton wicks that only leave residue around the rim of the mason jar when lit (basically, residue/smold is caused from lighter).▪️The soy wax is 100% soy and is broken down into pellets (no addititives).▪️The essential oils are therapeutic grade, meaning you could simply put these oils on your skin safely. They are naturally derived and plant based.▪️We use glass mason jars (Typically Ball Brand), but due to a recebt shortage we are using whatever we can get out hands on!▪️To put the candle out, we recommend simply placing the lid back on the candle and letting the flame naturally burn out.

Soy Candle